A dissemination Activity was organized with a training in Yeniköy Village, Bilecik

By Provincial Directorate, whithin the scope of Erasmus + program  is being carried out with support from the European Union and Turkey National Agency for dissemination of the project of “Eco-friendly Farming For Future”  was organized a training in Yeniköy Village to the technical staff and farmers, on 12 April of 2019.

In the program organized by Bilecik Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Directorate, the experts of “Sakarya Maize Research Institute” Dr. Ahmet Duman took part as trainers.

Providing the opening speeches of the program, the Project Coordinator Levent BURGU pointed out the importance of agricultural production and the agricultural potential in Yeniköy. He gave the  basic information about the project to the participants and noted that the training activities will continue. There were 58 people participated in the training.   Plant production, fertilization and plant health after the presentations of were passed to the question and answer section.