Intellectual Outputs

O2 Designing of web-based platform and Learning Management System
This output is consisted of sub-outputs such as the design of web-based platform and Learning Management System (LMS). The first sub-output includes the construction of the project’s webpage and forum platform that will be used to directly contact with the partners, target groups and other related people. 
O3 E-Learning Training Module on the EU Legislation
This will be the training module that includes the EU Legislation on Sustainable Use of Soil and Water Sources, the legislation of the partner countries and the FAO reports. Agricultural professionals will be the source of information for producers, researchers and other authorities.
O4 E-Learning Training Module on Accurate Behavior for Environment and Sustainable Agriculture
It is the training module that will be prepared to increase environmental awareness of the agricultural sector stakeholders and to teach some basic accurate behaviors.
O5 E-Learning Training Module on Irrigation
This will be a module that includes training on sustainable use of water resources, proper irrigation methods, determination of correct irrigation times and methods, irrigation amount, water need and fertigation practices.
O6 E-Learning Training Module on Plant Protection
The model will include the environmental impact of Plant Protection practices, proper plant protection practices, pesticides, technical advice, pesticide application training, and spraying tools training. 
O7 E-Learning Training Module on Fertilization
The model will include the environmental impact of fertilization practices, accurate fertilization practices, chemical fertilizers, organic fertilizers, plant nutrient requirements and technical advice. 
O8 Farmer’s Handbook
The information in the modules will be in a book that summarizes what is needed at the farmer level. In general, accurate fertilization, irrigation, plant protection practices and information on the protection of soil and water resources will take place.